Worship Compilation (HD)
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Kayla's Worship Preview (DVD)
I cannot say enough about Kayla-Jane. Sexy isn't even the word for this beauty. Here I have the pleasure of relaxing her with a foot massage after a hard days work. Of course, you know with feet as gorgeous as hers, this means the massage turned into a great deal of worshiping too!!!

Kayla Jane

Goddess Dee

Dee's Tickling Preview (DVD)
After Goddesses Dee and Jamie Daniels put Sergio on the spot by asking him to decide who had the prettier feet, he of course had to get revenge the best way he knows how - by mercilessly tickling Dee's beautiful bare feet!
Sister Dee's Worship Preview (SD)
After Sister Dee did such a wonderful job during her tickle test in "Secretary's First Assignment!" we thought she deserved a little pampering and relaxation. What better way than with some expert foot worshiping?!?! Watch as Sister Dee giggles and moans as Sergio expertly worships her perfect feet.

Sister Dee

Kimberly Marvel

Kimberly Marvel's Worship Preview (SD)
After putting Kimberly Marvel through a rather long and teasing tickle-test, we thought it best to relax her with a bit of worshiping. Little did we know that even worshiping was enough to tickle her beautiful feet!
Amy's Tickling Preview (DVD)
The insanely ticklish Amy Starr came by again today and we decided to introduce her to our new "tickle table." Knowing how wildly ticklish she is, we just had to make sure she was a bit more immobile than last time! Areas tickled: under arms, ribs, belly, belly button, and feet.

Amy Starr

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